Wine Crate Fire Escape

My garden is growing! Seeing my own little kitchen garden peeking through the window every morning is a tiny delight. I haven’t really been taking care of it beyond watering it and clearing out dead leaves every now and then, so the plants have started to make a run for it. The mint and basil are flowering, the lettuce is getting stalky, and the few tomatoes I’ve managed to grow are pretty pathetically tiny since I didn’t stake or cage them. But it’s cute and it’s pretty to look at, and I like smelling all herby scents when I poke my head out to water it. Maybe next year I’ll get serious, but for this year, I just like having it there.




Flowering mint, two tiny red tomatoes. The roots of the garden are beginning to push apart the sides of the wine crate.


One beautiful echinacea flower! I am pretty proud of this one, and I might make tea from the roots once the flower dies.

I’ve also put some effort and $ into decorating the apartment. All the windows have curtains (from World Market) and I got a cheap rug from Urban Outfitters. Bonus pics of my adopted dog-child, Ginger :) <3

photo1 (1)   photo2 (1)



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