Sneak-Hosting a Dog Party!

I may be am procrastinating on an important work project but I feel like I need to get my energy flowing first, and what better way to do that than to write a long-overdue blog post?

I was stressed out and bored to death last week. Nothing was happening at work and I have a lot on my plate to deal with right now, with the baby coming. I had (still have) so many things on my to-do list but I didn’t have enough energy to make much progress on any of my projects. I was floating around in a state of generalized frustration, which is possibly the most annoying mental state to be stuck in.

So, I decided: I needed a distraction combined with a sense of accomplishment. I was going to have a dog party.IMG_0225

My sweet dog, Ginger, had been looking a little lonely and out-of-sorts lately. She’d been sort of crabbily sighing to herself while pancaked horizontally on the floor, staring at various walls and sneaking glances at A and I to see if we were noticing her malaise. Whenever we took her on walks around the neighborhood, she loved meeting other dogs so much that she’d launch herself toward them full-force, then politely sniff noses and butts, if the dog was friendly enough.

The nearest dog park to us is a good mile away and currently under renovation, but there are tons of dogs in our neighborhood. I figured they could all use a little fresh air and play time, and there was a strip of park land a few blocks away that was perfect for some covert off-leash exercise. I imagined all the neighborhood dogs convening for a few hours of socialization. A told me to go ahead and plan it, and although I normally would have dismissed the idea, I was SO bored and SO frustrated that I figured I might as well.

So I did.


I typed up a flyer and A printed a few dozen out. On Saturday morning we walked down to the strip of park and I sneakily posted flyers on lightposts along the way. I only had enough to post on one street and the area immediately surrounding the park. That would have to do. On the way back I noticed early morning dog-walkers taking an interest in the brand new flyers and felt slightly gleeful about my plotting.

1:00 PM rolled around on Sunday. A and I put the leash on Ginger and started forth. I was almost certain no one would be there, and A was amused that I was slightly nervous about the turnout. We decided to pretend we had nothing to do with it, in case someone decided to complain.


1:15 PM, we arrived. No one was there! We let Ginger off the leash anyway, enjoyed the view, and laughed at the fact that it was a total bust.

1:25 PM, people started arriving! It wasn’t very many, maybe 15 people and their dogs in a slow, steady stream, but they came! They had complaints about the signage and the low turn-out, and A and I nodded in agreement and then traded enormously amused glances at our stealthiness. Looking back, they probably all knew it was us, since we were the first people there and probably not as stealthy as we thought.


Ginger got to meet a German Shepherd, a wrinkly-faced pug, a sausage dog, a collie/golden retriever mix with far too much energy, a couple little fluffy dogs (Shih Tzus?), a miniature poodle, and a handful more. She totally loved it, which was the goal of the whole thing anyway.

2:00 PM, more people were passing through gradually, but Ginger looked tired and we were getting bit by mosquitoes, so we headed back home. Ginger looked supremely satisfied, and I felt pretty satisfied myself. Even though “Host Dog Party” was not at all on my to-do list, it was an idea that I took from conception to completion successfully. It was also a cheap (free) and enjoyable way to spend an afternoon, and I think it made other people (and dogs) happy in addition to myself, which makes me feel even happier about it.

I might do something similar again, or maybe even lobby for that undeveloped strip of park land to be made into an actual dog park. A poked fun at me and suggested I run for mayor. Well, MAYBE I WILL. I won’t. I just like the process of turning an idea into reality.

And since the reason I made this blog was to encourage myself to make more ideas into reality, I am recording it here! Mission semi-success. Now, what next?


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