Non-Work Related Things I Want to Accomplish This Year

Funnily enough, a lot of these things relate back to older posts. I guess I have a narrow range of focus in life (although I often feel enormously scattered), which is okay with me since sooner or later I find a way to do what I want.

On the topic of feeling rich without being rich and finding loopholes in the system:

  • Explore home swapping as a way to take long, international vacations while subsidizing much of the cost. A direct home swap would be more complicated to arrange than doing Air Bnb, but I would feel comfortable about the mutual responsibility to care for each others’ living spaces.

On the topic of finding a dreamy forever home in some other locale:

  • Travel with the intention of discovering a potential place to live. In conjunction with the above goal, we could explore the idea living in another country long-term.

On the topic of sensory memories:

  • Delve into the exploration of my senses through the creation of beautiful things. I really want to paint again. I will paint again. Knitting and crochet are soothing and get me through exhausting and transitory times; painting is a little rougher on the soul.
  • Build beautiful holiday atmosphere. I want Charlotte and Arthur to have beautiful memories of special times of the year. I want to acknowledge the rich history of human celebration, centered on the changing of the seasons, the solstices and equinoxes.
  • Find ways to push my body and explore my physicality. I’ll only be this young once!

On the topic of self-improvement and self-exploration:

  • Be more fearless.



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