Non-Work Related Things I Want to Accomplish This Year

Funnily enough, a lot of these things relate back to older posts. I guess I have a narrow range of focus in life (although I often feel enormously scattered), which is okay with me since sooner or later I find a way to do what I want.

On the topic of feeling rich without being rich and finding loopholes in the system:

  • Explore home swapping as a way to take long, international vacations while subsidizing much of the cost. A direct home swap would be more complicated to arrange than doing Air Bnb, but I would feel comfortable about the mutual responsibility to care for each others’ living spaces.

On the topic of finding a dreamy forever home in some other locale:

  • Travel with the intention of discovering a potential place to live. In conjunction with the above goal, we could explore the idea living in another country long-term.

On the topic of sensory memories:

  • Delve into the exploration of my senses through the creation of beautiful things. I really want to paint again. I will paint again. Knitting and crochet are soothing and get me through exhausting and transitory times; painting is a little rougher on the soul.
  • Build beautiful holiday atmosphere. I want Charlotte and Arthur to have beautiful memories of special times of the year. I want to acknowledge the rich history of human celebration, centered on the changing of the seasons, the solstices and equinoxes.
  • Find ways to push my body and explore my physicality. I’ll only be this young once!

On the topic of self-improvement and self-exploration:

  • Be more fearless.



Five Tiny Things I Made (and Completed) Last Year

  1. Two hats and one cowl scarf for Charlotte to wear. She called the pompom hat her “ice cream” hat and wore it all winter. I briefly considered crocheting more cute hats and selling them in an Etsy shop, but my intentions fell through. Maybe next year.

2. One crocheted hat with fur pompom as birthday gift for my sister.

unnamed (7)

3. I bought a lot of furniture and made our house cozy and comfortable. Good living space vibes are very important to me. There is still room for improvement – our current apartment is street-facing and on the shady side of the street, so it’s quite dim, slightly noisy, and lacks a view. I have tried to make it into a restful den with comfortable furnishings, cozy lighting, and lots of small areas for different activities.

4. Two small decorative corners and one framed painting. These small arrangements are some of the few superfluous decorations in the whole apartment. The stones were collected from the beach at Montauk. Two small pieces of sea glass and a cluster of seashells from Tybee Island. Fabric-wrapped shells from my high school cultural exchange in Japan. I painted a picture of a forest stream and a little girl poking at river rocks with a stick, and it feels like it was a sort of divination since I had a daughter a few years later. I framed it and hung it on the wall in her room.

5. Three proper little holidays with decorations. Halloween, Charlotte’s second birthday, Christmas. I find it enormously satisfying to be able to create a pretty little atmosphere. Holidays are strangely impractical times, so the intention to create a proper atmosphere must be set.

6. SO much cooking and baking, but as that is not such a struggle for me as creating tangible expressions of personal identity, I will not count it.

And 7. HAD ANOTHER BABY. Welcome Arthur Gaspar, my son.